Posted by on Aug 07, 2014

The Fory Soccer Academy In My Opinion Blog
By Sergio Rodriguez
Edited By: Adrian Fory
Published: August 7, 2014

Success and work in a sport can be broken up into different focuses: motor skills, practice, learning, physical performance capacity, training, and conditioning.

If athletes work to improve and focus on these areas, the performance of those athletes will progress vastly. The focus emphasizes the physical and psychological affects on the sport. If training is based on these focuses, efficiency will improve and success in the sport will follow.

Motor skill is physical activity in which athletes try to attain specific goals by executing drills efficiently. For example, athletes who are trying to improve their ball handling would focus on having equivalent skill in both legs.

Drills would include kicking the ball with both legs, running with the ball while alternating legs and learning to pass the ball with equal confidence with both legs. Fine-tuning these motor skills will open up an athlete’s potential.

Next is practice. It ‘s an experience that involves cognitive processing that leads to skill improvement. If athletes work hard in practice and put in 100% effort, games will become easier and athletes will perform better. Efficient and focused practices will not only result in better performance in games, but will also build character in athletes.

Practice also connects to learning, which is the permanent alteration in the function of the nervous system that enables athletes to achieve more. They will learn responsibility, focus, respect and an endless variety of matureness.

Physical performance capacity, training, and conditioning all tie in to an athlete’s performance. Physical performance capacity involves aspects of physical activity developed through training.

Training is a physical activity designed to improve aspects of performance.

Conditioning is the temporary end state of training reflected in the athlete’s possession of adequate strength. With high levels of endurance, athletes will be able to perform better and be able to focus directly on specific skills and goals. Overall, focusing on these different focuses will help improve an athlete’s efficiency in performance and success.