Classic Training Prgrams

Other Training Prgrams

GK Training

(Ages 10+) This is a specialized training program exclusively for goalkeepers. The program will have an emphasis on skills needed to safely and efficiently manage the position. Position-specific fitness training, game reading skills, and decision-making will be taught. Video analysis will be incorporated into the training sessions.

Private Lessons, Small Group and Team Training

(Ages 8+) This program is personally designed with the athletes personal soccer needs in mind. Contact Coach Fory to arrange for an evaluation of skills and training recommendations.

University Recruits and University Athletes

(Ages 14+) This program is tailored to the prospective student-athlete who has aspirations to play in college or beyond. Prepare for the rigors of tryouts and pre-season play. The program will focus on refining soccer skills, and the further developing physical fitness.

Fitness and Conditioning

(Ages 12+) This a a course to improve general conditioning. Instruction is geared for those athletes who are already at advanced levels of physical conditioning but desire to improve their fitness for competitive play.

Coaching Course

An introductory course in coaching the young athlete is available upon request.